STARTER SET with 80 Designs

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STARTER SET with 80 Designs
Sewing set with 80 custom designs* and patterns with ruler kit

The Golden Rule starter set lets you learn how to sew effortlessly. Thanks to the included rulers, you can measure and design your custom patterns easily. Soon professional tricks of the trade for made-to-measure cuts will be in your hands! Whatever the style — classic, modern or sporty — you’ll soon be dressing the whole family in no time. This pattern workbook also includes designs for jackets and evening dresses.

Please note: This set does not include the rulers which faciilitate and speed up cutting

This Starter Set contains:

1 binder with 80 templates and sewing patterns (for women, men and children)
1 demonstration DVD with tutorials
1 cutting method set of instructions
1 special Golden Rule tape measure
1 fabric marker
1 roll of tape
2 pins
*This set contains all the designs from magazine supplements 305 and 306 !

​*Presented below are only a couple of models and patterns. The sewing set contains a total of 80 models and patterns!
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