Made To Measure Sewing Patterns | Customized Sewing Patterns Sets

Get High-Quality and Beautiful Made-to-measure Sewing Patterns and Sewing Templates

At The Golden Rule, we understand the joy that comes from working with beautiful fabric, a tailor’s scissors, and s sewing kit to create stunning and comfortable designs. Our team at The Golden Rule prioritizes effortless made-to-measure sewing. As such, our Golden Rule method is intuitive, extremely easy to learn, and is highly adaptable for everyone, beginner or novice, young or old.

We offer a broad selection of Starter and Classic design sets, so anyone can enjoy the fantastic and creative process of sewing.

We have exported premium quality tailor’s and dressmaker’s products and sewing supplies to more than 104 countries, helping those who have perfected the art of tailoring as well as those who are newly discovering their love for sewing, explore their creativity and love for spectacular designs. All you require is the right equipment. The Golden Rule wishes you lots of fun and creativity with your custom patterns!