PRYM Rotary Cutter

Art.No.: 611370

PRYM ROTARY CUTTER 1.77 in (45 mm)
Cut 4 to 8 layers of fabric to the inch

The Olfa Maxi rotary knife from the Prym line is a professional quality knife for tailors and dressmakers.
With this rotary knife, you can safely cut four to eight layers of patchwork fabric for all your creations.
Adapted for curved cuts, its 1.77 in (45 mm) diameter is divided into 12 equal sections to ensure high precision work.

The standard handle guarantees a secure grip for a clean cut to the inch in the fabrics for your Golden Rule patterns.

Technical specifications:
Maxi size Ø 1.77 in (45 mm)
Standard handle
Card display 8.66 x 4.44 x 0.79 in (220 x 113 x 20 mm)
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